Halo friends. Have you ever felt this way?

  1. Although you are very good at building the material, but you feel uncomfortable being the centre of attention so that you do not smoothly express your ideas.
  2. The opening of your presentation is so flat that it does not attract the attention of your audience.
  3. Talking too fast so that your audience doesn’t seem to understand your message.
  4. Monotonous presentations only contain descriptions so that the audience gets bored quickly and does not pay attention to you.
  5. Lack of gaze at the audience’s eyes, wobbly and unstable posture and unorganized hand movements soyou seem nervous and unprofessional.
  6. Confused in answering unexpected audience questions, even though after that you realized how easy the answer to the question was.

And many other problems…

Don’t worry about it !

You can immediately join the community and public speaking training institute Heart Speaks Indonesia


What will you get here?

  1. Help you to understand your mental blocks and build your confidence
  2. Helps you a lot in University
  3. Builds your emotional quotient
  4. Builds your character for your professional life
  5. Helps you communicate effectively

Program detail

  1. One & half hour on line session Facilitated by Trainer / Facilitator.
  2. Session conducted ONLINE and task submitted thru WhatsApp group
  3. Program will be filled with Activities, Values and Applicable
  4. Program is result-focused, so participants will be able to immediately practice what they learned within and outside school/campus
  5. Max trainee/class: 15 trainees
  6. Class will begin at March 3 – March 13, 2021 every Wednesday and Saturday 04.30pm – 06.00pm.


After the sessions, the participants are expected to:

  1. Be more confident in your presentations, speeches and daily
  2. Be able to present & speak in various kinds of events including classroom, professional presentation or even public
  3. Be more positive in your daily communications with your friends, family, teachers and people you just
  4. Be able to present in a more structed manner in a way audience can understand, accept and
  5. Be able to recite stories that are enticing, interesting and
  6. Be able to use Visual Aids such as PowerPoint Slide, Flipchart or presentation tools more effectively.
  7. Be able to present, speak or communicate in a way that is effective, powerful & dynamic.


  • Training 1 : Road Map and Building your Confidence Level + Understanding your Audience
  • Training 2 : Body Posture & Gesture + WOW Opening & Closing
  • Training 3 : Building your own Material + Story Telling
  • Training 4 : Super Presenter + Amazing MC


Open for registration:

Feb 11 – Feb 28 , 2021

Investment IDR 425.000/trainee

If you invite your friends to join together:

Investment IDR 750.000/2 trainees

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